"Evaluate your Photographer as if they were a person attempting to join your friend group." - Jordan Jenkins

Welcome back! For today's blog I'll be getting into why it matters in regard to the Photographer you choose to do your Portrait Session with.

Firstly, you matter. Who you share with to capture your vulnerable moments, matters.

Everyone needs photos, yes, but photoshoots are sooo much more than just about the photos alone. This is especially for people who may feel anxious or insecure about their body, skin, smile, whatever it may be. Or don't know how to pose or "think" they just look terrible & look awkward in front of a camera. There's a good amount of people in the world who feel this way, so if you feel this way, just know you are not alone. You just haven't met a GREAT photographer yet.

Through communication, here's a few questions to ask yourself to better discern if someone is right for the job of capturing your essence and making you feel seen, celebrated, and understood.

  • Does said Photographer go through a Discovery Call to listen & get a thorough understanding of your wants and needs?
  • Does that Photographer provide a face-to-face meeting before the session?
  • Does that Photographer have any content posted to where you can get a glimpse of their personality and who they are?

Of course, for some, money & budget plays a big role in their decision factor, but even then, this approach still applies. A good Photographer will have at least 2 yes answers for any of the 3 questions above. A great Photographer will have all 3 plus more. For you, these are a few touchpoints that would give you the most insight into whether said Photographer will be a great fit to fulfill your dream photoshoot. It gives you the ability to build trust, build a connection, read & observe their body language, behavior, and most importantly their energy. All the things you do before you decide to let someone join your friend group. Ask yourself, "Is this person fit to be a part of my tribe?"

With that being said, it's important to work with a Photographer who makes you FEEL confident that they can assist you with what your needs are and solve problems that you may not even have thought of. So again, I encourage you to give more importance to yourself, and realize that it's not all about the photos. It's about how you feel before, during, and after your EXPERIENCE. This is what matters. You are what matters. So every day, be mindful of how you treat yourself.

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