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Ok, my first blog EVER! I'm a young man who likes to save time so let's get right into it. In reference to the title, my name is Jordan Jenkins, and I am the Owner & Professional Photographer behind the business & brand of Life Camera Soul Photography.

Today's topic, I'll talk about my background with photography. When I was in High School, apparently, I had taken 2 photography classes. The reason why I said apparently is because I honestly only remember one, which was my first photography class when I was in 9th grade, which was the year of 2011/2012. It was an intro photography basics class. Like we created a whole pinhole camera with cardboard paper and developed those images in a dark room type basics. Not half. A whole camera.

I had to take another photography class my 10th grade year. To a certain degree, I do remember we students did have a say in our classes, but there were some restrictions. My mom said I was super mad that I had to take the class because I had already taken it before, which was valid & understandable.

So fast forward a couple years later to 2020, a year after I graduated college, I decided to find my High School transcript because I was curious. Me thinking I know myself, apparently not, because come to find out there was a second photography class that I had taken on that transcript that I don't remember AT ALL. Life is wild. And this is all meant in a sarcastic tone and approach, if you didn't get a sense of that yet.

Taking it back to when I was a preteen, as far as I can recall, I was always fascinated with photos because I wanted to upload my own photos to my Myspace page, because to me it was sooo dope to see other people post pictures of themselves on their profiles and I wanted that for myself. Plus, my family/I don't have many photos of myself from my younger years, and I wish those moments were captured because I would like to see what I looked like as a baby and throughout childhood. It sometimes gives me a curiosity and feeling of "Did it really happen?" I never really thought about it, but this could be a hidden factor in why I love photography as much as I do, documenting those fleeting moments for others. Might have just done some self-discovery there lol. It is said by many that writing helps.

So this is my background with photography. I hope you enjoyed this quick read/self-therapy session and learned a little about me, and maybe learned a little about yourself. I'm not sure how often I'll post a blog yet, maybe once a week, I don't know, we'll see how it goes. Until then, stay tuned, I'll see y'all next time!

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