You Deserve To Get The Most Enjoyment Out Of Your Portraits.

Happy New Year! With my first blog post of 2023 I want to share and discuss the benefits & importance of printing out your images.

I'll start off by asking, how many photos do you have saved in your cell phone gallery right now? Take a second to think about it or better yet, go check and see. Probably a lot, I'm sure. Now, how many times do you go through your gallery to revisit those many photos? Probably not often. Am I right?

This is the case with lots of folks. So, if this is you, you are not alone.

Now, with the images stashed away on your phone, compare this to if you had your most favorite images that you had ever taken, up on your walls of your home or in your work area in the form of Wall Art, or a simple print. Here are a few reasons why you'd get more fulfillment out of your printed images:

  • The biggest one being that these are images that you would SEE EVERYDAY in your home or whenever you are in your work area.
  • These prints serve as physical reminders of what you value and cherish most. Essentially, what you stand for.
  • Physical Reminders of what motivates you to keep going forward.
  • For the days you aren't feeling so great about yourself, they serve as Physical Reminders of WHO YOU ARE!
  • Physical Memories. Images that you can touch and feel more connected to.

What better way to celebrate what you value and cherish most, than to have it on display in your personal areas that you frequent most? There's no shame in being proud of what you value and cherish! It is what makes you YOU. Don't be afraid of expressing yourself or things that are an extension of you.

Why do you think you feel more at ease talking to someone you love face to face, as compared to chatting with them over the phone? It’s all about PHYSICAL CONNECTION AND PRESENCE. Think about it. Next time you are talking on the phone with someone you love dearly, compare it to when you are talking with them in person. Observe how you feel. I'd love to hear about it!

These are all reasons why I offer complimentary 8x10 Matted Prints with each Portrait you decide to invest in and move forward with. I really want to make sure you are getting the most fulfillment out of your Portrait Experience. So, with that being said, with reading this blog, I hope you came to a new understanding of the importance of Printing your images over just having them building digital dust bunnies in your phone gallery lol.

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